1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

All sessions are 1-on-1 (in person or virtual), session time can be used to plan and organize or to complete assignments. Additionally, session time can be used for me to attend 504 or IEP meetings with you as an advocate for your child. Current rates: Pay per session (one hour) - $35 Summer (6 one hour sessions or 12 half hour sessions) - $200 Pay per quarter (9 one hour sessions or 18 half hour sessions) - $275 Pay per semester (18 one hour sessions or 36 half hour sessions) - $530 ​ All sessions are paid upfront and the schedule will be made at that time. Schedule changes will only be allowed if slots are available.

College Application Guidance

At D1 Academic Coaching we can help guide students with the college application process. This includes knowing specifics about the colleges they are wanting to apply to and filling out the FAFSA. Per session (up to 2 hours) - $50

Homeschool Evaluations

The state of Florida requires that homeschool students have an annual evaluation. With this service the student's portfolio will be reviewed and a brief phone call to discuss academic progress will be provided. The cost is $40 per evaluation. Sibling discounts may be provided.